Mitsubishi Melservo MR-JN has simple operation functions such as one-touch tuning, built-in positioning with the point table and the programming.

Unique Features:

  • One Touch Tuning:servo tuning is just completed just by pressing the AUTO button on the front of the servo amplifier
  • Separate power supply for mains and control circuit:The main circuit power can be turned off separately to ensure safety during maintenance.
  • Advance Vibration Suppression Control:The auto tuning function enables the optimal operations.
  • Built in Positioning Function:Built in positioning control function enables easy positioning operation without a controller.
  • Tough drive function:operation will continue even when a temporal change in load, power supply or resonance frequency occurs.
  • Built in Regenerative Resistor:Less wiring and space saving installation are realized by integrating regenerative resistor to 200w or large servo amplifier.

Power Rating:50W to 400W.

Servo Motors:HF-KN,HF-KP(with a reduction gear) Series. 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4kw up to 4500 rpm


The new MR-J3 series is Mitsubishi’s latest generation o servo amplifiers and motors for industrial automation applications. These series are small, precise and easy to integrate and offering new features

Salient Features:

  • Real Time Auto-tuning ; this ensures maximum precision control
  • Advance Vibration Suppression
  • Increased Response Speed: MR-J3 ‘s 2100Hz speed is over 70% faster than existing models
  • Intelligent Functions: MR-J3 is designed for performance and reliability from the intelligent drive electronics components.
  • Reduced Component Size
  • Advanced Networking: MR-J3-B: SSCNET III and MR-J3-T : CC-Link and RS422 serial communication
  • Safety Functions: EN IEC 61800-5-2, STO and SS1, MR-J3-D05 safety card

The MR-J3 –A models are suitable for drive system with conventional control and are designed for regulating speed, torque and position The MR-J3-B models are specifically for complex, multi axis movement sequences and for networked automation systems. The MR-J3-T series is a compact and cost effective servo system solution with integrated positioning control functions and CC-Link communication capability. Power Rating: from 50W to 55kW. Rotary Servo Motors: HF-KP/MP/SP/JP, HC-LP/RP/UP, HA-LP Series. Linear Servo Motors:: 4 motor series (LM-H2/LM-U2/LM-F/LM-K2) are available for a variety of applications.


The MELSERVO-JE offers wide range driving control applications to all machines with reliable basic performance and advanced ease-of-use.

Easy to use Features:

  • Advanced One-Touch Tuning: servo gains are adjusted with one-touch ease without a personal computer
  • Tolerance against Instantaneous Power Failure: Instantanneous Power Failure Ride Through function reduce machine down time
  • Large Capacity Drive Recorder: Servo data before and after the alarm occurs are stored in NV memory for quick and accurate analysis of the alarm occurrence.
  • Absolute Position Detection System: The new Absolute position detection system can be easily configured with MR-JE-B servo amplifier

Performance Features:

  • SSCNET III/H high speed optional network
  • Fast and Accurate: response speed frequency of 2kHz shortening the tact time
  • High Resolution Encoder: the servo motor equipped with 131072 pules/rev
  • Energy Conservation: The large capacity main circuit capacitor allows the regenerative energy to be used effectively

Power Rating:from 100W to 3kW.

Rotary Servo Motors:HG-KN, HG-SN Series.


MELSERVO MR-J4 introduces the latest servo amplifiers to the market based on the concept of Human (User friendly and Safety function), Machine (High performance) and Environment (Energy saving).

Basic Performance Functions:

  • High speed servo control architecture is applied to dedicated execution. Speed frequency increased to 2.5kHz is industry’s leading level of speed.
  • Improving machine performance with high performance motors.
  • 1-axis/2-axis/3-axis servo amplifiers
  • Compatible with fully closed loop control
  • Wide range of power supplies and capacities
  • Maximum command pulse frequency

Advanced Servo Functions:

  • Advanced One Touch Tuning
  • Advanced vibration suppression control II
  • Robust Filter: The robust filter more gradually reduces the torque with wide frequency range and achieves more stability as compared to the prior model.
  • Expanded machine resonance suppression filter

Load reducing and Networking:

  • Tightening & Press-fit control function: Load to the machine is reduced, and high-quality molding is achieved for an application where control is switched from position to torque such as Tightening & Press-fit control.
  • CC-Link Filed Network compatible.
  • High Response is achieved with SSCNNET III/H: Faster communication speed with deterministic and synchronized communication.

Power Rating:50W to 22kW.

Rotary Servo Motors:HG-KR/HG-MR/HG-SR/HG-JR/HG-RR/HG-UR Series.

Linear Servo Motors:4 motor series (LM-H2/LM-U2/LM-F/LM-K2) are available for a variety of applications.