FR-D700 AC Drive

FR-D700 Series Frequency Inverters are micro vfd suitable for wide range of applications. Available FR-D700 VFD range from 0.25H to 10HP (7.5KW) in volt rated 200V Single phase, 200V Three Phase and 400V Three phase

Key Features of FR-D700 AC Drives are:

  • 150% at 1Hz high starting torque
  • Enhanced Functions; regeneration avoidance fn; power failure protection fn; dancer control; traverse fn;
  • safety stop function
  • Long life design
  • Most advanced life check
  • The integrated digital setting dialwith display makes configuration fast and easy
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port Applications where these Variable Frequency Inverters used: fan, blower, pumps conveyor, traverse control, dancer control etc

FR-E700 AC Drive

FR-E700 Series Frequency Inverters are cost effective suitable for all general purpose applications. This series is all rounder performer of its class. Also Safety Inverter added to this line up Available FR-E700 VFD range from 0.25H to 20HP (15KW), 200V Single Phase, 200V Three Phase & 400V Three Phase

Key Features of Mitsubishi FR-E700 Frequency Inverters are:

  • 200% at 0.5Hz high starting torque
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
  • Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturers motor
  • Safety stop fuction
  • Long life design
  • Most advanced life check
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port
  • CC-Link, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, LonWorks, EtherNet/IP
  • RoHS and EU standard compliance

FR-A700 AC Drive

The FR-A700 Series Frequency Inverters are equipped with RSV technology gives you class-leading power, control and flexibility. Suitable for high-performance inverter with advanced power control for fixed torque applications. Available FR-A700 VFD range from 0.75H to 800HP (up to 630KW)

Key Features of Mitsubishi FR-A700 Frequency AC Inverters are:

  • 200% at 0.3Hz high starting torque with high accuracy
  • Real Senseless Vector Control (RSV)
  • Wide speed range: 200:1 operating range is possible - even when the drive is used open loop and
  • with or without torque limit allows 200:1 Speed range, driving or overhauling
  • PLC feature: FFR-A700 programmability provides true intelligence inside the drive - a simple solution for complex applications
  • Easy gain tuning: Compensates automatically for changes in load inertia to ensure smooth and consistent operation
  • USB port: Allows simple connection to the new FR-Configurator Software for quick and easy commissioning
  • Inbuilt EMC filter measures harmonic leakage current
  • State of the art longevity diagnosis method
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port
  • The inverter can be connected with networks such as Device-NET, PROFIBUS-DP, LONWORKS, EtherNet and CANopen when communication options are used.

FR-F700 AC Drive

The FR-F700 Series Frequency Invertors are Energy Saving Drive systems. Ideal for fan and pumps. Available FR-F700 VFD range from 1HP to 1000HP (up to 750KW)

Key Features of these AC Inverters are:

  • NEMA 1 UL Type 1 Enclosure Designs: Drive can be mounted as a stand-alone unit where required. (Plenum rated)
  • Energy Savings: Optimum Excitation Control
  • Adjustable 5 Poits V/F Control >> Possible to set the torque pattern that is optimum for the machine's characteristic
  • PLC feature: Built-in PLC; programs using GX Developer
  • Improved EMC filter :Because of the built-in EMC filter, the inverter itself can
  • Comply with the EMC Directive
  • State of the art longevity diagnosis mothod
  • Communications; Built-in BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU communications, also Possible to connect with LONWORKS, CC-Link Ver.1.1 and Ver.2.0, DeviceNetTM and Profibus-DP when used with communication options
  • Maintenance Timer and PTC thermister input
  • Global Standard: UL, CE cUL, EN (LVD)