Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) | MODICON PREMIUM & QUANTUM
Premium and Quantum PLC Series are Large Scale Systems for Discrete Process, Manufacturing High End Solutions. They offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimization

Programmable Controllers- Twido & Zelio

Zelio Logic is Smart relays for simple control systems from 10 to 40 I/O. Its Simple, Flexible & Open and ideal for basic to small machine, stand alone control systems.

Twido System is Open to numerous communication networks, flexible due to its 3 basic types (Compact, Modular and Extreme) and wide range of I/Os, Twido and its associated TwidoSuite software provide simple and astute solutions for all your predicaments. Ideal for OEM Machines & stand alone installations.

Programmable Controllers- MODICON M218/M238/M258

The Schneider Electric Modicon M218 Logic Controller has a variety of powerful features. This Controller can service a wide range of applications.

M238 PLCL is ideal for optimized machine design and provide a optimised solution to repetitive machines based on high speed counting and simple positioning features for 1 to 4 axis through PTO channels or CANopen.

While M258 offers 30% saving time in assembly, wiring and commissioning, offers advantages viz. Speed up machine design, Reduce size ,cost & assembly time, Improve your machine performance

Compact and totally expandable, the Modicon M258 Logic Controllers are destinated to the machine builders (OEMs) by offering performant solutions in terms of speed control, high speed counting, motion and communication networks.

Programmable Controllers- MODICON M221/241/251

Modicon 200 Series is newly launched series of Logic Controllers, offers high profitability & performance.
The Modicon M221 logic controller offers best-in-class performance. Connect a simple remote operator panel for instant maintenance and machine visualization.

Everything you need is embedded

  • SD card and USB port
  • 2 analog inputs and a broad choice of I/Os
  • Run/stop switch and cartridge extension
  • Ethernet and serial line ports

The Modicon M221 logic controller is a MachineStruxure controller. The NEXT generation of MachineStruxure™ from Schneider Electric is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functions you need to build machines that will improve your bottom line.

Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) | MODICON TSX Micro

The TSX Micro is ideal automation solution for OEM Machine Builders demanding high performance & efficiency. Its Compact, modular PLC for OEM machine builders, with up to 484 I/O

  • Memory up to 128k words
  • Less than 0.15 µs/inst
  • Extended application-specific functions :Counting/position control, Analog/PID, Math functions, Fuzzy logic, etc
  • Multi-task application software with event-triggered functions
  • Several sensor/actuator Bus networks with Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Total protection of user know-how, data, PLC peripherals

Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) | MODICON M340

Modicon M340 Systems are Medium range plc for Industrial Process & Infrastructure Solutions.

Modicon M340 can be used individually but is also the perfect companion of Modicon Premium and Modicon Quantum, increasing the performance, the quality and the profitability of your industrial process, facilities or of your machines.

"All-in-one CPU"

  • 7 Kinst/ms
  • Multitasking system for guaranteed reflex time
  • USB port for programming and HMI
  • 2 additional ports as required: Ethernet, CANopen, Modbus.

Comfortable memory

  • Programming code up to 70 Kinst.
  • Application back-up in supplied memory card
  • Additional file storage up to 128 MB with FTP access.I