Yaskawa J1000

Yaskawa Variable Frequecy Inverter Series J1000 is micro vfd, suitable up to 5.5kw motor rating;

Salient Features & Functions:

  • Small yet Reliable & Smart
  • Compact Design | Side by Side mounting possible
  • Environment Friendly: RoHS Compliant, uses Swing PWM function to suppress electromagnetic and audible motor noise, creating a more peaceful environment
  • Starts Heavy Load effortlessly, powerful torque
  • Enhanced braking with 50% faster
  • Momentary Power loss ride thru function
  • Motor Protective features
  • RS485 Modbus option available
  • Built In EMC Filter option
  • Global Standard: CE, UL and cUL

Applications: fan, pumps and small machines, packaging transport, food & beverages machines

Yaskawa V1000

Yaskawa V1000 is Compact Vector Control Drive, Rating from 0.2kw to 18.5kw

Salient Features & Functions:

  • V1000 runs not only induction motors, but synchronous motors like IPM and SPM motors as well.
  • Speed Search Method
  • Global Networkig: RS422/485 Modbus, & Open Field Network CC-link, DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP
  • Hassle Free maintenance
  • Exceptional performance life
  • PTC Input for temp sensing
  • Auto PID function

Yaskawa A1000

Yaskawa A1000 is High Performance Vector Drive, Rating from 0.25kw to 630kw

Salient Features & Functions

  • Most Advanced Drive Technology
  • Cutting edge Torque Characteristics
  • Rotor Positioning without motor encoder
  • Tackling Powerloss and recovery
  • Energy saving function
  • RoHS compliance
  • Suppressing power supply harmonics
  • Safety regulations; IEC/EN SIL2 requirement
  • USB to connect PC
  • All major communication option available

Applications: Fan, pumps, hvac, compressor, crane, hoist, machines and conveyor

Yaskawa L1000

Yaskawa L1000 is Elevator Drive, Rating from 0.25kw to 110kw