FALDIC Alpha-Series

The FALDIC-α series are servo systems for evolving machines. The series range from 0.05KW to 15KW offers high precision performance.

FALDIC Beta-Series

The FALDIC-β servo drives designed for high performance and high precision position control applications. Capacity covers 0.05KW to 0.75KW.


  • Suppresses machine vibrations to the absolute minimum
  • Pursues high performance and high precision
  • Industry-smallest servo amplifier permits side by side installation without clearance

Alpha5 –Series

The Alpha-5 series simple and smart covers power range from 0.05KW to 5KW.

Main Features:

  • Compatibility with general-purpose communication
  • Fast and accurate positioning is realized.
  • New control functions
  • Reduced Space
  • Long Life Design
  • Compliance with Global Standard

Alpha5 SMART–Series

The Alpha5 SMART power range covers 0.05KW to 7.5KW

Salient Features:

  • Wide Range of applications
  • Super stability
  • Smart Operation
  • CE RoHS compliant
  • Long life design