GOT- Graphical Operator Panels GOT-2000 SERIES

GOT 2000 provides range of model and sizes to meet the need of wide spread applications. With enhanced functionality, these HMI extend capabilities beyond monitoring and visualization, provide additional features that help to reduce down time, enable fast recovery from simple errors, increase availability and boost production


  • Benchmark Performance: High speed processors, boost monitoring and booting time twice the previous GOT1000 models
  • Increase Memory Size
  • Multi Touch/Gesture function
  • Beautiful Graphics: provide 65536 colors, supports wide range of image format
  • Advanced Communications: GOT2000 equipped with Ethernet, RS232 and RS422/485, SD Card, USB ports. Option also include wireless LAN communication
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Horizontal Integration

GT 27 Advanced model with multi-touch gesture functions >> Available in 15”, 12”, 10.4” & 8.4 inch

GT 25 High performance, cost efficient, mid-range model >> Available in 12”, 10.4” & 8.4 inch

GT 23 Unchallenged cost performance >> 10.4” & 8.4 inch


The GOT1000 delivers the competitive advantage.
The GOT1000 series offers six classes of terminals to fit any system or budget requirement.

GT 16 Model;

High performance models with multimedia and a host of features and functions including embedded communications.
User memory capacity: 15MB/11MB

GT 15 Model;

Performance models ideal for a wide range of applications in a network or standalone environment.
User memory capacity: 9MB/5MB

GT 14 Model;

Standard model with advanced features and communication interfaces.
User memory capacity: 9MB

GT 12 Model;
Large basic models with integrated features and communication interfaces.
User memory capacity: 6MB

GT 11 Model;
Small models with a host of advanced functions.
User memory capacity: 3MB

GT 10 Model;
Compact models with basic functions.
User memory capacity: 3MB/1.5MB/512KB


The MS SERIES HMIs Series offers you high performance HMI functionality at an affordable price. The series includes touch screen interfaces available in five different sizes from 3 to 10.4 inches. With three levels of functionality – Economic, Classic and Premium, the MS SERIES HMIs Series offers you the unique flexibility in making the most balanced choice to suit your precise application requirements.


The SMARTLINE HMI Ex is an advanced Microprocessor based system, which serially communicates with a Programmable Logic Controller. It is a Panel mounted, industrially hardened Operator Panel with choice of 20 ch * 4 Line Display & 20 ch * 2 Line Display: LCD (Blue Backlit with White Text)