SINUMERIK 808D/ 808D Advanced

SIEMENS 808D/ 808D Advanced are best suited to standard milling and turning machines.It is Entry Level CNC Controls.


  • Entry level CNC
  • Compact & Robust
  • Optimized for basic turning and milling applications
  • Up to 4 Axes/Spindle
  • 7.5″ Touch Display
  • S7-200 PLC based control

KEY Features:

  • Maximum precision and accuracy
  • High-resolution position feedback
  • Prepared for mold-and-die
  • High-speed
  • Intelligent machine optimization
  • Protection for man and machine

Servo Drive Unit For 808D CNC


Servo Motors For 808D CNC


SINUMERIK 828D/ 828D BASIC/Advanced

The SINUMERIK 828 is compact class CNC controls ranges from vertical and basic horizontal machining centers – including, of course, mold making applications – to flat and rotary grinding machines through to dual-channel turning centers with counterspindle, driven tools and Y axis.

The SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 828D BASIC are completely maintenance-free CNC controls as they have no fan and no hard disk — and are equipped with NV-RAM memory technology without buffer battery. Two different panel layouts are available — horizontal and vertical — a feature that further enhances their versatility.


  • Panel-based compact CNC
  • Technologies:Turning, milling, grinding functions
  • Up to 10 axes/spindles + 2 auxiliary axes
  • Up to 2 machining channels
  • 10.4" color display / 15.6’’ touch display
  • S7-200 PLC based

Servo Drive Unit For 828D CNC:SINAMICS S120 and S120 combi

Servo Motors:SIMOTICS servomotors 1FK7/1FT7/1P8 and and 1FW6 torque motors


SINUMERIK® 840D sl provides an open, flexible and powerful CNC system with the SINAMICS S120 design for up to 93 axes.

The SINUMERIK 840D sl is suitable for use in almost every machining technology and it sets the standard in dynamics, precision and network integration. The SINUMERIK 840D sl offers you uniformity in its programming, operation and machining cycles.

With its efficiency in programming, installation and commissioning, this CNC system platform is characterized by its optimum design, innovative NC functionality, communication and openness. The SINUMERIK 840D sl, available in several performance variants, can be perfectly customized to the practically every machine and machining technology in the manufacturing industry.


  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Multi tasking CNC applications
  • Laser Machining

INUMERIK 840D sl - Overview about the technology

  • Drive-based modular CNC
  • Multi-technology CNC
  • Up to 93 axes / spindles and any number of PLC-axes
  • Up to 30 machining channels
  • Modular panel concept
  • Up to 19“ color display
  • SIMATIC S7-300 PLC

KEY Benefits:

  • Modular and scalable
  • Benchmark in Open Architecture
  • Communicative at all levels