HMI controller for small machine and simple process contro

The Magelis SCU HMI controllers offer brings together Human Machine Interface and control functions within in a single product. Available from 3.5” to 5.7” Touch screen. Its HMI with PLC function.

  • In addition to the aforementioned functions, Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers enable management of: Integrated digital I/O
  • Integrated analog I/O: Voltage, current and temperature (thermocouple, PT100, PT1000)
  • 2 high speed counter (HSC) inputs,100 kHz 1 channel or 50 kHz 2 channel
  • 2 pulse train fast outputs, PTO/PWM 50 kHz


The Magelis HMI controllers comprise three ranges:

  1. The compact range: Magelis XBTGC HMI controllers
  2. The modular range: Magelis XBT GT/GK
  3. Standard Advanced panels with XBTZC CANM CANopen module

This range depending on the model, comprises:

5.7" color screen, 16 integrated inputs/16 integrated outputs (sink or source) Wide choice of communication interfaces: USB port, serial link, Ethernet and CANopen


Magelis GTO : features and performances

  • State of the art display
  • Optimized communication
  • Easy to install and sustainable offer
  • Adapted to your environment
  • Availability of stainless steel panel for food and beverage applications.

Other Industry: compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Magelis GTU

Magelis GTU offers the best flexibility with its unique concept: combine a CPU box with a Display of your choice including an innovative Wireless LAN enabled display.
Magelis GTU is the first smart-phone-like HMI with resistive multi-touch screen without screen size limitation powered by Vijeo XD.

Advanced Open Wide Touch Screen (Win XPe)

Graphic terminals with touch screen display available in three sizes:

  • 8", 12" and 15" Multimedia capabilities with installed Media Player
  • Streaming Video, Webcam management and sound from an integrated output.

Web functions

  • View all Web pages locally or remotely for easy diagnostics and maintenance.


  • Dual Ethernet, compact flash card slot, 4 USB ports, PCMCIA slots on the 15”, access all the PC world peripherals: USB storage units (memory key, external hard disc, DVD player/burner, etc.), USB user interface (keyboard, mouse, etc.), PCMCIA communication card (wireless network, etc.).